Friday, August 3, 2007

B - (Bobby the Butcher)


Today whilst paying for my groceries, the girl was wandering around nearby waiting for me. I had my eye on her as I always do, watching out for her behaviour and anything dodgy that could be going on (what can I say , the nightly news can make a momma paranoid!)

There really wasn't anyone around and I noticed the new, local butcher leave his shop to take a break. As he did he caught the girl's attention from a distance and winked...nothing so strange there but...

...what did get me was when my ultra shy (NOT!) 3 year old, cocked her head in a John Wayne-ish kind of way and...winked back!! (she even popped in a shoulder shrug thingy. I am sure if I had been closer I would've heard the click from the side of her mouth!)

I couldn't help but laugh. It was hilarious! I can't tell you the shocked look on the butchers' face. I am not sure which was funnier. it happened all the unusual responses upset the girl and she was very angry at me and the butcher... (this was also very funny but I managed to restrain myself)

The butcher ended coming up to see what was going on - a box of lollies in tow (that's when the mummy vibes kicked in - old man/box of lollies you know?)...

This was the dodgy morsel that ended up coming home with us

(perhaps dodgiest of all that I then squooshed it into a letter of the alphabet)

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