Sunday, August 5, 2007

C - (child-less, church, cheer)

Spent a child-less Saturday morning (thanks hubby-j!) going to a church rummage sale.

Returned rejuvenated by all this vintage cheer!
(all the other photos on flickr)


claudine said...

Oh wow, those are some great finds!!

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona) said...

Childfree outing is always something to cheer about and your find is great. Love the fabrics and golden books.

superminx said...

you ALWAYS find the best fabrics. I *hate* you ... but in a nice kind of way :-)

Corrie said...

now I went to a church rummage sale in st ives this saturday and hoping you weren't the lady in front of me who bought 50 patterns!!!!!!! they were only 5c each! mind you I still bought over 10 and loads of kids books including a beautifully illustrated japanese book


dani (pyglet) said...

Hey! It was only 30!...and it was a "rummage" sale...I hope I didn't have that glazed over, drooling, frenzied, look? (thrifting does that ya'know)...(oh dear)
...and I do hope I was well behaved!

leslie said...

wowee! look at all that great stuff - nice work!

Belinda said...

Your O.K I don't think Corrie actually saw you. I think the church ladies dobbed you in!

First in best dressed I say ;)

Appartently, there is another one at Lindfield tomorrow.