Wednesday, May 30, 2007

seven things

So here are my seven things that sunshine tagged me for

  1. I currently survive without a scanner or a colour inkjet printer - I think I need them.
  2. I have one million and one ideas that I want to try/do. Of course most of them involve the above scanner and printer. I find the resultant idea-filled brain cram frustratingly paralysing - I write copious lists...I am not sure that helps.
  3. I think I might have craft ADD (you would probably agree if you check out this blog) as I really cannot stick to one thing and flit around from drawing, to ceramics, to softies, to fabric, to printmaking, to collage...and the list continues
  4. I seriously admire people that produce many of the one type of item and have the discipline and tenacity to create a business and name for themselves doing so.
  5. I really lack confidence in the external appreciation of my artwork and I find that when compliments are given it is as if I do not hear them or I justify them away anyway. I would really like my artwork to be more than it is but I am unsure what I mean by that (?)
  6. I wish I knew more people who blog and that I was a better networker (that is not supposed to sound so sales-y) I just would like to be better at making connections with people through my blog.
  7. On the above note, I regularly consider trying to organise a Sydney blogmeet (definately NOT one of my strengths) like the Melbourne gals (just so I could meet y'all)...perhaps it is already happening and I am just not in the loop? (Oh dear! What a sad thought!)
No tags from me.


nikkishell said...

GO FOR IT! Get that meet organised.

Belinda said...


I meet with a few girls the first Friday of the month. You are more than welcome to join us. It's fairly informal as kiddos are welcome. Give me a shout if your interested and I'll pass on the details.

kirsty said...

Dani, I must have somehow missed this when you posted it. EVERYTHING you wrote (well, from 3 on - I have a printer!) struck such a chord with me. I see so many applications for your superb artwork and you have such a strongly identifiable style - exactly what I feel I lack. Seriously, I could have written that.

Sally said...

I would also like to meet other Sydney/Sydney area bloggers. Those Melbourne girls have got it together!

I work though, and anything during regular work hours wouldn't happen for me. I'd also like to join the knitters guild crochet group - but they meet wednesday mornings, and the embroiderers guild groups - but when I was a member they only met mid week too.

Once your moving and all that's settled somewhat should we try and organise something for a weekend day?