Wednesday, May 30, 2007

relocation ramblings

This is a post I have been putting off writing....but it has to happen sometime and today is the day.

I will be going offline for about a month (I will be checking comments/emails/etsy at my mum's during that time)- we are moving. I have not mentioned it here as I am finding it frustratingly stressful and really I have been trying not to think about it (this is probably why I have three days left and am in a mad packing frenzy!)

It all happened over one weekend some 4 weeks ago. We got notice that we would need to move as our landlord had sold our rental (28 days notice). We also got news that we had a signed buyer for our unit (YAY!...right?) Well, at that time we did not have a house to move into. We had put the buying of a home on hold because we needed to sell our unit first. We had seen a nice house but had really just been looking. When we got notice of all the above we went ahead and made an offer on the house...eventually we got it (YAY again! - right?).

Not necessarily...5 days after that we got word that our unit buyer had pulled out leaving his cooling off deposit behind (crap!) and that the house we wanted was actually not technically subdivided and could take ages to settle (crap again!)

Since then we have had one other buyer offer, accept then pull out from our unit and yet another sign (whew!....we hope...cooling off finishes Friday). We (or should I say the solicitors?) have arranged an unusual deal with the owners of the house we will move into and eventually we will own. It is all a bit nerve wracking and our situation is a bit weird.

Anyhow...we move in on the weekend. We will be 'licensing' in view to settling once the council finalises the subdivision in all its technicalities. I will not feel relaxed or excited about it until we have actually settled and have our mortgage and repayments ticking over. Then I will know it is ours and then I might actually be OK with people congratulating us (currently it just makes me feel kind of nauseous)

So no house talk...yet.

I was going to show you the lovely handbag goodness that Samantha of whizzme generously sent me but as of this morning it looks like I must have packed it (?) - I also cannot find the book that the above artwork is contained in. I was trying to keep it out so I could draw away my stress. I know I had it yesterday as I was scribbling something down in it. I think I must have inadvertently packed that aswell. My new cram cream tape is also worrying me. I haven't been able to find one of them and can't remember packing it with the others.

Really I have other things that are much more important to think about and I am sure they will all turn up eventually. Weird how the little things bother me the most.

See you soon...hopefully you will all still be here in a few weeks?


Anonymous said...

All the best for the move Danni. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

Janice said...

Best of Luck!
We'll all still be here when you return.
Things do show up eventually!

Chara Michele said...

I'll still be here in a few weeks!

Good luck with the move! Hope it goes well and that you find everything again:)

Feltbug said...

Good Luck with your move - I love your work :)

Belinda said...

OMG, how stressful! Good luck!!

Gabrielle said...

Hope all goes well with the house and the move.
I just caught up with your last post and wanted to let you know how much I genuinely admire your work - I know it can be hard to have confidence in your artistic ability, but you really have something special and completely original in your designs. Do you think you might get some fabric screen printed sometime (in one colour, along the lines of Kirin Notebook and Auntie Cookie?) I would definitely line up to buy some.

suzy @ said...

Ugh - we're moving too, it's awful, and must be even worse with two little ones. Good luck with it all, and I'll look forward to reading your posts again once you're settled.

claudine said...

Hi Danni, it was great meeting you today! Thanks for the cards, they're really lovely! :) Good luck with the house, hope you get settled soon.

Rachael Herbert said...

Hope the move has gone smoothly! Just checking in :)