Friday, May 25, 2007

last day dregs

Didn't do too badly for the last day dregs of a thrift sale...

Everything was so cheap too - $5 a bag!

The ladies were all so friendly and helpful being that I took both the girls (lil'-z in her sling). Doreen (one of the volunteers) bless her, kept shoving anything I picked up into my plastic bag. I didn't realise till I got home that this ended up in there aswell. (I only wanted a metre or two!)

In the end it was worth it. I am glad I got the last minute tip off from these lovely ladies. You should check those links if you want to see why I have no buttons in my photo.

Lucky gals!


kirsty said...

Hooley dooley what a haul!!!
Well done, you.

ingrid said...

Sorry about the buttons. But that is quite a nice haul of fabric. I must admit I was so overcome with buttonmania I really didn't give myself time to lookk at all the fabrics and other treasures. I am already looking forward to next year.

Jen said...

wow. What a great thrift!

samantha said...

I love thrifted fabrics - some how they are more special when they are an absolute bargain!

Corrie said...

you did well! thanks for the lovely comments you left! they mean so much