Tuesday, November 7, 2006


I have just hit 34 weeks.
I said there wouldn't be any belly shots but I thought it appropriate with a little help from photoshop.

We visited the baby doctor this morning. The girl was as excited as ever about listening to the heart beat and this week she got to see the baby on the "tevelision" (ultrasound) she couldn't wait to tell her dad that she got to "see the brains!"

The baby (heartbeat, fundal height, head circumference and position) is fine and I feel good.

However my doctor has freaked me out a little this week (it really doesn't take much at this stage of pregnancy). He has requested an ultrasound to check the general wellbeing and size of the baby - because I haven't put on enough weight!

This is the same doctor that has

  • sharply drawn breath that I was 97 kilos to begin with
  • has whispered my weight to me whenever I had gained weight
  • has described my 99.4 kilo week as "you're edging up to 100!"
  • mentioned that overweight women shouldn't need to gain very much weight during pregnancy

I did figure his suggestion was to try not to put too much weight on.

Just to let you know...
I have always been someone who has had weight issues. I have never been someone that has ever, ever, ever had an issue with NOT putting weight on.

  • I have once put on 10 kilos in 4 weeks.
  • I have been a size 22!
  • I eat when I feel crappy, stressed or generally shit (none of which apply this pregnancy)
  • Last pregnancy I went from 65 kilos to 96 and they were doing the same ultrasound at 36 weeks because they thought my girl would be over size!
I am now concerned about whether or not I should have been eating more over the course of this pregnancy

This is what I have come up with

  • I did have to eat a lot less in the first 5 or so months as my digestion was so slow that I constantly felt full and sluggish
  • I hated choosing food in that first five months as what I wanted to eat did not always go down so well. Light foods and salads were easier to digest
  • I have conciously been avoiding junk food that I might usually consume
  • I do eat less serves of food and smaller servings than I did prior to pregnancy
  • I have been craving fruit and salad - rather than cakes and sweets (like I might usually)
  • I have not ever felt hungry and not eaten
  • I am feeling excellent, only a little tired and people are beginning to say that I look like I am "glowing" (as they do)

I can honestly say none of these things were true last pregnancy AT ALL!

He did say the ultrasound should be fine and the baby will most probably be of normal size...but I know I am going to stress until normal measurements are confirmed at the ultrasound.


Stacy said...

That's a super photo. Very surreal looking.

I'm trying to think of something perky and reassuring to say, but I'll bet - you'll just keep worrying! It does sound like you've had a very healthy and unique pregnancy. Don't stress yourself, and I wish you well..

kirsten said...

what an annoying doctor!

i wouldn't worry about eating more unless you feel like it - sounds like you've been eating pretty healthy - i've heard of people who have lost weight while pregnant because they ate lots of veggies, etc.

that would not be what happens to me....

Kirsty said...

By the look of that gorgeous belly that baby is plenty big enough!!! My best friend is studing midwifery and she is completely pissed with the doctors shes come across, and the things they say to their women sometimes!!!!

nichola said...

Aren't doctors arses sometimes. I had a few that had such a huge go at me because i refused to have the diabeties test where you drink that disgusting crap.
I think your bump is looking damn fine and if you're feeling healthy then don't worry too much, although i know you will ;-)

denice said...

What. Ever. Whispered your weight. Pahleeese!

I have never met nor seen you, but you are a delightful, intelligent, talented, fun, beautiful woman. I love the belly shot, your doctor is an idiot, and I enjoy your thoughts every time you post them Thanks! :)

Jhoanna said...

Hope your appointment to check on the progress of your little bub goes well. All pregnancies are different (I certainly experienced with my two - total opposites) and I guess thats what makes every pregnancy special and memorable :-) Love that belly shot. Some doctors really need some classes in interpersonal skills!

Joy Morykon said...

i am in my 41st week. We are pregnant with our first child. having a hard time waiting for her to get here!

I hope your sonogram goes well and that everything is ok with your baby. Cute picture by the way!

butterflyrocket said...

Erghhh I feel your frustration! "crappy, stressed or generally shit" are my triggers too.

You sound like you've been doing really well!!! My diet was so restricted during pregnancy as I felt so ill all the time. I thought I was going to give birth to a chicken nugget or a milkshake (for some reason those ice and Shepard's pie were virtually all I could eat!)!

My Dr didn't weight me once....you needed one like that :) She did however never tell me how big she thought the baby was...just said things like "well she's not small!"

Good luck :) Hope the scan goes well and eases any concerns. The pic is lovely! Will be popping in to check your progress. How exciting!!