Monday, November 6, 2006

frustrated apology

I apolpgise to those reading my posts through bloglines right now.
Bloglines is still not reading correctly for this blog.

I am under the impression that all my settings are correct in bloglines and that in fact it is a blogger problem. This issue has been happening since early September for me and on and off for others who have a blogspot blog (so the forums say) I have contacted all the necessary places with my concerns. The place with the apparent problem seems to be the place with the worse reply rate - funny that.

As it seems, sometimes my posts come through as shortened feeds even though I have all settings (bloglines and blogger) set to the opposite. The advice from blogger was to repeatedly publish the post and re-publish the index until it 'takes'. I was doing that with some success but over the last couple of days I have noticed that bloglines does not indicate that I have republished the post each time that I do, even when I change details in that post. Thirdly, I have also noticed some of my archive feed is now not showing any of my photos.

Grrrrrrr! I just hate it when things don't work like they are supposed to.

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