Sunday, November 5, 2006

wash out!

The weekend has been a wash out
(that's describing the weather... and me - I have fallen asleep three times since I got home).

work things -

I was rostered to work both days on the weekend. Very exhausting for me at the moment and very, very boring. Actually I would say the most boring job I have ever had. Standing around trying to look like you are busy, not allowed to chat but hardly any customers, particularly on wet days like today.

Now I have hit the weekly Sunday depression that hubby-j is back at work tomorrow and I am alone with the girl all day working through the deadly chores that I hate and waiting for him to return each night. I feel it's a bit worse tonight as our family day was sacrificed in the name of an extra $170.

Legitimate but depressing none-the-less.

crafty things -

any suggestions for these piles of buttons I scored the other day from a designer showroom close-down? I love them and there are heaps. I couldn't leave them behind but I seriously have no idea what I am going to do with them.
I got some wonderful swiss lace, metres and metres of good but simple ribbon and some pretty sample peices of fabric as well.

Really cheap!

thrifty things -

left early on Saturday morning to visit the usually brilliant November church bazaar (all second-hand/garage sale items) only to find I spent all of 15 minutes - nothin' to look at and very little thrifty gain. No real fabric/notions/anything at all. This is the same place that last year I scored these.

These are the bits and bobs I ended up with.



kirsten said...

wow - not any button ideas right now, but i'll keep my thinking cap on for you!

i hate going thrifting and ending up disappointed - although it does look like you got some interesting finds!

ellia said...

it still looks like you came out with decent stuff... i never find good stuff anymore but that is cuz my dad buys it all for my mom- hahaha.... you are due soon, right???!!!! and thx for the heads up on the blogging daily thing- i joined too!!!!