Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We were heading up to my grandma's the other day and the girl saw something out the window that was very exciting. She ended her long winded commentary with...

"I telled ya! I telled ya mumma!"

So I started a conversation along the lines of

" No. It's: I told you! I told you mumma!"

It took her some time and she had the hardest time even getting her chops around "TOLD".

I kinda went through the tenses with her
(I know it is over her head but I figure I may as well start now and she might get it in a few years and it was occupying some time in the car)

" I will tell you" "I have told you" - you know the drill. (I am no English teacher mind you!)


it was hours later after we had arrived and the girl had just finished in the loo.

"Are you going to flush?"

She went ahead and flushed proclaiming with a flourish of her arms.
"Mumma, I flashed!....I FLOOOOOOSHED!"

(do you think she got the gist?) :)


kirsten said...

that his hilarious! future grammarian there!

kirsty said...

Ha ha ha! That is SO funny! That's applied learning :-)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

How cute! I miss having a little one!!