Tuesday, July 11, 2006

weekend thrifting

I found a few goodies on the weekend.

The stores were pretty much picked over due to the school holidays but I am quite excited about those old sorter cards. They have my cogs turning trying to think of an interesting way to use them.

The other thing is those hobbytex fabric paints...I have quite a collection building up. I buy them whenever I see them, even though I am not sure how I'm ever going to use them. I think I'm just trying to re-kindle childhood memories.

Some of you from Australia may remember them?
( I think the U.S. verion may have been called Artex?)

They were used a lot in the 70's. My aunts and my mum were always drawing or colouring something. Most of the stuff that was done back then is just plain ugly (and that's probably putting it lightly!). I am trying to figure out if there might be a more modern way to use them. Googling only seems to show ebay sellers and 70's-80's floral tablecloths and wall hangings (ick!). The hobbytex site states: HOBBYTEX was established in 1968 & we are still here !! Perhaps it means still stuck in 1968? :)

If anyone has any ideas?

If not I should be able to make a profit on ebay anyway!


Kate said...

We still have the hobbytex Christmas Stockings my Mum made - yes very ugly. I'd love to see how you could use them!

samantha said...

My sister and I used to love doing hobbytex when we were kids - so vile! But for some reason I too have fond memories!! Would love to try using some again - but I haven't seen any in the op shops around here.

Caitlin said...

I still have a pillowcase my godmother painted in hobbytex for me - it must be at least 30 years old now, but the hobbytex paint is still hanging on!

weirdbunny said...

Glad you had a good time thrifting.

Diane@FabricPaint.com said...

Believe it or not, we are still supporting the Artex/Hobbytex users of the world, here in the heart of the USA from our fabric painting webkeep at FabricPaint.com. The Artex/Hobbytex products have not been made since 1981, but we (the only ones) continue to provide new tips to keep them going, other related accessories and supplies, designs and items to paint (including pretty, new stuff), and other direct support. We even have NIB, unused Artex paints for sale that are still good, of course, so those people who have started projects can finish them as intended. And we offer high-tech replacement paints in the same color palette...so...upgrading is ideal, too. We have a good background in all of the better ballpoint fabric paints and lots of free info and ideas, so we help alot of Artex/Hobbytex users...even those in Australia, New Zealand, etc. Just thought you might be interested to know that ballpoint fabric/craft painting is one pastime that continues to be very popular.

pyglet said...

Thanks for all that info Diane but hobbytex is actually still alive and kicking! It is an Aussie company and from what I understand still makes the paints (I would need to check) They certainly still sell them as I have contacted them and received a catalogue for parts, paints and accessories.
Link here was updated in October 06: