Monday, July 10, 2006

nothing much

We had a wonderful weekend doing nothing much at my mum 'n dad's weekender in the Blue Mountains

  • Hubby-j and I did nothing much but sleep-in due to the floor heating and pillowy bed my mum has put into the newly renovated "studio"...(building on the left - looks like the garage...but it is SO not the garage!)
  • I did nothing much of the hand sewing I was planning...(I think I completed one eyeball?)
  • There was nothing much but excitement the whole trip we did on this...(and I'm referring mainly to hubby-j)

(The last time I did this it was 1977 and I remember...
you guessed it...nothing much!)

  • The weather was nothing much less than blue skies, sunny and crispy cold...(i.e. perfect)
  • I thought nothing much of the first two episodes of Deadwood...hoping it will get better (and thought even less after I discovered it has been cancelled 4 eps into season three)
  • Nothing much was spent either as we cooked all our favourites on the big 'ol country stove my mother has kept in the original kitchen of the main house...(that splurge was still cheaper than eating out...warmer too!)
  • All in all we had nothing much less than relaxing family time and wish we could've stayed longer...(as always)

    btw...excuse my nothing much but bad grammer throughout this post :)

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weirdbunny said...

Glad you enjoyed the rest.