Tuesday, July 18, 2006

coughs and cards

Can't believe it's been 7 days!
The dreaded lurgy has decided to camp out at our house at the moment. Coughs, sleeping and earaches seems to be it's preference. A sick toddler is not much fun...particularly if you're the toddler. We are managing.

On the good side I have been receiving some wonderful mail lately for the latest nikki-shell postcard swap

If I start clockwise from the beautiful butterfly girl card from butterflyrocket::nikki-shell (to the right)::annette (no blog)::maggie grace creates::(below that) luxefibre::natalie (no blog)::tiny happy::missy muh (cute birdies!)::(below that) tiff fendick (no blog)::phantom crimes::applehead (linocut collage - "Soar")

and this gorgeous one came yesterday from bugheart. I love this one. The back is equally as lovely and the "bug with shorts" even got a giggle from the girl with a 39.8 C temp!

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butterflyrocket said...

Oh dear! I think I will just copy your post and post it on my blog ;-) Sick toddler, postcard swap and lovely bugheart art! Seriously though I hope you're all feeling better soon...especially the littlie. It's rough on them isn't it!