Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fi-Fi and friends

I would like you to meet Fi-Fi...

...my latest frog. I am really happy with her and think I might make some cousins just like her.

I finished this lovely lady last week before the lurgy descended. It took a couple of late (or maybe early? - 3am) nights. Always leaving things till the last minute seems to be a productive way for me to work, if not a bit stressful.

Here are some of her details:

beautiful green eyes and long eyelashes. Cute ribbons in her hair (or more correctly under her eye?...I ask you...what else a girl should do who is without hair?) and rosy cheeks setting off her big grin :)

A stylish orange, pink and green skirt with lovely ribbon tie.

I sent Fern and Sam (minus his glasses) along with Fi-Fi to Seattle. They are very excited and hope they get there on time.

Safe travels!


Flor said...

They are all so cute! :-)

heather at making time said...

i made a frog in july too. i woke up this morning thinking about how it needed something, it has such a blank stare... (yes i wake up thinking about crocheted frogs- at least by the 4th time i pressed the snooze button).

i decided it need a tutu. and then- quelle coincidence- i come and see you've got tutus (or skirts like it) on your frogs! very cute.

thanks for visiting my blog by the way ;)