Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Introducing Fern...

I would love for you to meet Fern.

She is a fun-loving and effervescent frog who loves all things pretty.

She is quite the social butterfly and enjoys nothing more than organising garden tea parties for springtime. Lace tablecloths, fresh flowers, vintage tea sets and mountains of pretty cupcakes.

She is a one of a kind frog with a sparkle in her eye, a cheeky bottom and her cute smile tucked behind her ever-present flowery corsage.

* * * * *

She is more likely to be the type of ambassador I might send to Seattle, rather than my slightly embarrassing eye-less sock dog which is currently up on the plush you II site (?).

Never mind, both Fern and I are so excited I got in! - Thanks for all your hard work Kristen!


twobears said...

Sweet! She's lovely.

ivy said...

She's adorable, and I love love love the color!

van said...

i love the eyes!!!!! so... googly! ^_^

mandy said...

She's cool!! Brilliant fabric!!

Gina said...

I'm in Seattle and I dig it!