Friday, March 3, 2006

hubby j's friday fact

This weeks friday fact comes with so many disclaimers it's not funny but it is funny. So for the delicate TURN AWAY NOW!
(Really, I know you won't be able to help yourselves now)

hubby j sent me an email on Tuesday. It wasd a bit cryptic...

Type in "March 20th" to for details on a very important date

(I couldn't help myself either).


ivy said...

oh good ole steak and knobber day... there are certain radio stations around here that make a big deal of that.
It's all very funny.

pyglet said...

hee hee! I must be the sheltered one. I had never heard of it before...obviously why hubby-j felt he needed to inform me! ;)

lyn said...

I knew about this, my step-son is gay ( is it still o.k to use that term ???) and he thinks it's really funny to send me links that are really quite outrageous.
Do you want me to pass them on to you ? ; )

van said...

i've just linked this post to my blog...
the wonders of the internet! ^_^
when MY hubby gets home, ill be sure to tell him about that national holliday.hihi********

blair said...

You do realize that march 20th will never feel the same again ; )

Thanks for the laugh