Saturday, December 17, 2005

regret it if I do?...regret it if I don't!

I have all but decided to buy a Print Gocco. As everyone may be aware it seems the Japanese company that manufactures them has decided that they will not be manufacturing them anymore.

Alarming news!

I believe any sane person would decide NOT to purchase something that is going to be discontinued with only three years or so of consumables available (or so they say). There must be something amiss with me however, as all that this news made me want to do is buy as much stuff as I can before it runs out!

Hubby-j thinks I'm nuts!

My justification? He regularly buys bits and pieces for his computer habit that cost around the same amount as a gocco and those bits are without question obsolete within two to three years. In fact, he usually insists that he needs an 'upgrade' before that. So I figure if I can get three good years out of a gocco it will be money well spent. You never know, with the save gocco movement going there may be life after death for the fabulous little machine after all.

I will be crossing my fingers and praying to the gocco gods as I hand over my dollars.


leesa said...

I want one too!!!!!! But unless I win the lotto on new years eve it won't be happening - boo hoo!

mandy said...

I can't believe thay are not going to be making them anymore!!!! I say go for it, you'll love it, they are so amazing, love mine, ( only got it a couple of months ago but it's brill!)Gocco, horrah!!

Shell said...

I did hear that they were discontinuing the gocco. I've heard so much about them in other blogs and have always been impressed with the results that they give but have never been tempted to buy one. Now I'm thinking the same way you are! Although I still doubt I will purchase one. I wonder why they are stopping them though when they seem so popular?

Connie and Rob said...

I just know about this machine from suzy (floating world news). She has just made some lovely things. I say it is worth it!


Marianne said...

I was just thinking about buying one when I heard the news. Now I am torn.. should I buy or not? Haven't made up my mind yet. But what you say is true... so maybe I am going to buy one too, now I still can.

lyn said...

I bought one a couple of weeks ago. I LAUGH in the face of adversity. : )