Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas cheer?

Over the past few days we have been coming home or waking up to a pile of water on our bathroom floor. Each time it looks as if the girl has may have been playing in there. Not something she does often but she loves water and I thought she might have just organised a game or something. Each time I clean it up and think that it won't happen again. However this morning it HAS happened again and it was at least a bucket's worth.

So today, instead of the desperate Christmas shopping that I need to do, I will probably be waiting for a plumber. Who will probably get paid with my Christmas money. Also, let's all hope he can fix it without too much hassle or the few days we were hoping to get away will have to be spent mopping up bucket loads of water from our bathroom floor.

Christmas cheer to everyone!!

EDIT: As it happens Santa has been good to us! There was active leakage when hubby-j came home after his swim. It was a blockage from the unit upstairs. Body Corporate have totally fixed the leak and a couple of other things in our bathroom that we needed to get repaired anyway (no cost!). They are coming back in January to fix up the damage they left (just cosmetic) leak over Christmas!

The only weird thing was that to fix the block the plumbers had to go upstairs to the neighbours unit...they insisted on frisking the plumber? or they wouldn't let him in. They said it was because they thought he might be going to do a home invasion?? - (this is not a joke. It really happened). What is going on up there?


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