Thursday, December 15, 2005

old whispers

It seems like ages ago - 14 years or so, I think - that I had a small (teeny tiny) business that I ran for a bit or extra cash before I went travelling. I had finished studying design and had yet to get enmeshed in my father's business and industry. I called my tiny venture "piglet whispers" (the Y came later - another story).

I handmade gifts, greeting cards and wrapping papers. It was fun working on things and seeing them sell each weekend at markets. In the end I went to Canada backpacking, met my husband and joined the family business. Time has whizzed by! It feels like I sneezed and here I am almost full circle. It's just that now I am a wife and mother aswell.

My brain has no more than a 6 week holiday chip in it and I'm coming up to that time. I have been thinking about the steps involved in starting something small up again. A little bit premature considering I have just come from such a big effort with the store. Thinking is about all that is happening though. No action at all. Lazy good times for me this Christmas!

It's funny though how synchronous things are...whilst cleaning out my garage for the junk sale I found these.

wood - I remember never having enough of these


cards tied together with hearts - beautiful paper that I still love

oh yes...and my sad rubber stamped logo - it was a long time ago

(that's my excuse)


Connie and Rob said...

Everything is just beautiful! I love the idea of using the sandpaper. I bet you sold your things fast.


Marianne said...

Great cards!! I like the materials you have used: wood, it!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I actually really like that stamped logo!