Thursday, September 1, 2005

"Hey!'ve made a happy sperm!"

Just finished this little guy.

Hubby-j walked past my desk last night and excitedly proclaimed; "Hey!'ve made a happy sperm!"

As much as I was impressed that he was taking an interest in my crafting, the intention was for an addition to this big daddy's family and friends

Tadpole or happy sperm? What a choice! I quite like the happy sperm idea...I thought hubby-j might be onto something. I could make lots and lots of them.

This morning however, I found the girl playing with the little wriggler. She had him in her mouth laughing and giggling.

All things considered...I told her to play gently with the TADPOLE!!


lyn said...

I wonder if there is such a thing as a ' miserable ' sperm ? - I think not. ; )

kimberly said...

Like you said, it's nice of him to show interest. Cute frog.

sarah said...

hee hee!