Saturday, September 10, 2005

crazy & crazy

The store is driving me crazy! I don't know what is going to make me feel OK once I get out of there. I am so tired, always tired. (I am hoping it is just a virus?) The settlement has been postponed and the solicitors are trying it on. I suppose that is what they're paid to do. It is all normal but still I find it a bit difficult. I feel like I am in limbo. My body is still working in the store but my head has sold it! Things feel a bit of a mess.

My crafting has gone by the wayside and the last post took me so long to publish that I almost gave up totally...but....I went and bought this book and visited this website. I want to improve the look of my blog and get some of the link buttons working (note the illo friday button to the left - working, but no image). I don't quite understand it yet but some parts are making a little sense. I'm progressing slowly. Any tips? At this point nothing is too basic.

I have a crazy bunny almost done but I'm not sure if it looks right (I won't show till it has a face, maybe I can bunny it up a bit more). Most people have preferred my crazy pussy. I think I might try a pig next.

Hubby-j has called us for dinner. Ginger Beef, I think. Yum!
Things can't be too bad when I've got Ginger Beef to look forward to. =)
and a guy like hubby-j to cook it for me.


Gabrielle Guichard said...
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Bel said...

Good luck with the settlement - it's always difficult with stuff like that going on. Especially when you don't have any control! Chin up, look forward to whatever blows your way (quite literally at this time of the year in Sydney!). Something interesting is sure to be around the corner...