Sunday, September 11, 2005

happy ceramic pens

My latest efforts with the ceramic pens have come up nicely. I am quite glad I now bought them. However, the photos don't show their textured effect and have come up a bit flat.

These are coasters.

My favourite two are at top right. The last two I did. I worked them in black & white like my drawings (that I have yet to post as I am currently scanner-less here). There was only one thing that went wrong. As I fired them in my oven, the plastic scratch resistant bases shrunk and fell off with the heat. I've cut cork bases for them now but I may need a little more glue. All in all they are a better job than my first test efforts.


twobears said...

These look fantastic. Well done.

Linda said...

They are really nice.Great designs.

sarah said...

they look fabulous!

Shell said...

How cool are these? I really love the swirly, psychadelic-ish designs. Really, really groovy!