Monday, March 22, 2010

Meanwhile...on the crafting front.

Having fun doing this online course.

I am doing it pretty slow and a bit slap dash really but have enjoyed trying out new supplies and techniques.

The journal I have been using is just an old novel from an op-shop. I think it was 10 cents. Much less pressure for me than what I feel from "the white page"

This is the most recent. Nothing overly original but I think the face is getting a bit better as I go.

More journal page experiments over here


Soo said...

What beautiful pictures!!!
...and a big congratulations on the baby news too!

angelique said...

I was only looking through my goggle reader the other day and thought about not seeing anything from you for a while. Life has been a bit busy obviously....congrats on the bub. I am sure it will all be worth it come the end of June. I have just signed up to do this course, how funny:)Maybe you will get to see some of mine sometime.