Monday, March 22, 2010

blame it on baby!

Oh dear! I think I returned from my holidays only to take another holiday!

I have been up to things in real life and the start of the school year for the girl and lil'z starting kindy aswell has kept me busier than usual...but I have decided that the only real change that is throwing a spanner in the blogworks is...


Not that I want to burden this new bundle with blame before it is even born, but really... I had forgotten about the breathlessness, tiredness, brain fag, bending problems, embarrassing clothing malfunctions and the ligament strains in all kinds of places I didn't even know I have ligaments!

Coping relatively well though and pretty exciting really. This will definitely be our last - I think hubby-j thought that about lil'z, he is taking a bit to catch up with the idea he agreed to a while back. number three is headed to arrive in our arms at the end of June (Do you think I can order labour up to coincide with the school holidays?)

I am sure that with a 7 year old, a 3.5 year old and a newborn, that at least two of the things in my blog byline (kids, craft and the usual chaos) will be getting the full workout!


Suzy said...

Congratulations! That is really exciting news.

glorydaze said...

Congratulations! and a strange coincidence, my number three is also due at the end of June and all of those lovely pregnancy symptoms you mention have been affecting my blogging time as well.