Sunday, November 22, 2009


Whew is right!

The market day was not too bad. I was quite anxious with the lead up. I have not done a market in almost 15 years!

I wasn't sure that I would have enough stuff to make my table look nice. I was not sure how my things may be received either. I am quite an aimless crafter really and seriously wish I was a little bit more driven to do something about it. I love creating and I like what I do but strangely, worry excessively about whether or not those thoughts are based in fact or just some kind of minor delusion that I may be probably explains alot.

It was super hot out in Arcadia and we were lucky to be indoors but I think a lot of people probably missed the hall I was in altogether.....Hubby-j thought he was at the wrong event as he walked around for a bit and couldn't find me (not such a good sign!)

...but given all that I did OK!

The table was quite simple really and a lot of what I displayed were things I had completed over the last couple of years. The owls were new and I sold a few. My artwork that I had printed and placed on cards was also quite well received.

I now have so many ideas about how I could improve the whole process and things I could add to the table that...

...all in all I think I would do it again!

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