Tuesday, November 17, 2009

away with other things

It has been a while...perhaps... a little longer than a while. Yet, I visit every day and try to think of something interesting to say. Poor little blog, you have not been abandoned...just neglected for other things.

- School is quite busy for a 6 year old and seems to fix the routine for my day too. The day is so much shorter than expected...

- Lil'z is an...umm...exuberant(?) almost 3 year old. Actually I think she may be just loud and stubborn. That's a little exhausting!

- thriftypyg has been quite steady and picking and packing (the part I hate!) takes over at times

- Creating, in the little time I feel I have left has taken priority. Thankfully!

So I am dusting off the cobwebs and evicting all the spiders so I can show you a few things I have been up to...

swapped a frog...she ended up in Denmark!

3 mini zines - filling in over here whilst I get ready for a little Christmas market

swapped quite a few ATCs but this is about the only one I took photos of.

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