Friday, November 16, 2007

unexpected road trip

I left home yesterday in a fluster heading for Tamworth. I wanted to get an early's 12 noon (??) By the time I got myself and the girls organised that was about as early as it was getting. I had visions of many a thrift store along the way...

First stop::
Went well, quite a bit of fabric and a cute bowl. Two stores down. Lunch was done quickly as well.

Second stop::
Well...actually we didn't stop. We went from one massive roundabout through a town to another massive roundabout. Each time through the town I got lost. Each time I didn't find anything I was looking for. That sounds reasonable enough...only...

...we did it 5 times!!!

The girl kept checking if I knew where I was going for the rest of the day...I am not sure she trusted me at the wheel after that fiasco.

SECOND DAY (today)
First stop::
We hit the ground running (that's about 9:30 in crazy-mother-of-two-land) 5 stores with average booty...not bad!

Decided NOT to re-do yesterdays spot. The thrifty gods were not happy with me over there.

Second stop::
The gods were smiling!!
I was told 2 stores....there were 4!! The last one was the best...we found one of these softies, that I (actually almost everyone I know) have been on the lookout for (new or used) for about three years. It was in fantastic condition and just $2. The girl and I were daft with excitement.

Third stop::
Happened to catch a glance on the main road and stopped with only 15 minutes until closing. Also great fabric here as well!

It has been a fun day. We have arrived at my friends house for my god daughter's 3rd birthday. Hopefully home tomorrow night late. I am itching to go through all that loot.

Photos highlights will definitely be forthcoming

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