Thursday, November 15, 2007

lino love

Holiday over!
Hubby-j worked yesterday afternoon to reset and lockdown the router (???)
Anyway...router has arrived home, refreshed and relaxed after its holiday bringing internet access with it...Yay!

So what have I been up to?
  1. I ironed and trimmed my scraps - for fun (and they look so lovely!)

  2. I kept all the trimmings because I thought they looked colourful and craft-worthy somehow. They are in the girls collage box.

  3. I made some linocuts of some drawings I had done.
    (Inspired by a lion softie from the background of a kids bedroom photo. It was in a 1960 homemakers magazine that I couldn't afford last time I was thrifting - I have no idea what it was called but $30 is waaaay too much for a magazine - no matter how old or cool!)

  4. sweet lino love.

  5. and then (because I can't wait until I actually construct something properly!) I got carried away and had to translate the lino into junker fabric I had so I could see what it might look like as a softie.

This is only a very, rough prototype but with a bit of tweaking I can see more of these guys in my future.
(excuse the eyes...they are only held on with a couple of stitches!...Oh! and those arms - Are they looking too boob-like?... probably more of a worry that I think that is what boobs could look like!...
Anyway...they need to be shorter, or the body bigger, or something like that)

Glad to still be in NaBlo - see you tomorrow!


Donna said...

What a fantastic idea with the scraps. Maybe that will stop me putting off the dive into the scrap basket to look for something, which inevitably is always at the bottom. What a crack up with the boob thing.

ingrid said...

Ohhhh those scraps look delightful! And the edges are pinked so neatly.

Super Blogger Girl! said...

What if you gave the softie some scrap hair? I made a wig with yarn scraps that turned out fantastic!

claudine said...

Ooh, very cute linocuts! I love the softie too :)

sunshine said...

i think hair for a doll would be a great thing to go with those scraps or sew them into a funky little tree and make a advent calender tree