Saturday, November 10, 2007

scrap happy

Shopping bag full of scraps I got from a closing down sale at a quilting store. Yay!
Fantastic prints...only problem was the overpowering smell of perfume on all the fabric (geez! you'd think they sprayed it directly into the bag!) I managed to go through them, get a photo and get them to the wash before I was overcome with the most spectacular sneezing and coughing fit I have ever experienced.

The hazards of fabric love!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a find how exciting for you. What are your plans for them? Yes I am inflicted with a narcoleptic hubby too! LOL He's just surfaced from an afternoon nap.

ismoyo said...

What a wonderful stash of scraps! Too bad the quilt store is closing down, but great for a shoppingspree. Woohoo! I spot some wonderful finds, lucky you.

est said...

really a wonderful stash!!!