Sunday, November 11, 2007

scrambling for art...

It has been a busy weekend of kids parties and outings...whew!

This Saturday last I ventured out to an artists' collective garage sale, on a tip from my mum. There was so much beautiful art that was for sale - and so cheaply - that it seemed to bring out the killer instinct in most of the crowd. I overheard another mum, pram and baby in tow, telling her tale of horror at getting through the crowds.

(It happens almost every weekend I go to any rummage sale, church sale etc...the comments are unbelievable and I really am amazed that they are so common. I blame them for my own fast developing pram-nazi attitude)

Scrambling for art with lil'z in one arm is not quite my idea of fun. I did manage to snatch up (literally) a few prints I liked, while mum held 'z' but was glad to get out of there before I had a serious pram-rage incident of my own.

(all art unsigned artist prints - excuse photography skills)

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Hollabee said...

they look's amazing what you find at garage sales etc.