Thursday, November 8, 2007

the lights are on...

...but nobody's home.

I have been visiting my grandmother with the girls and have only just got them both to sleep after a very long and full day.
(hubby-j is nowhere to be seen...where he is...I have no idea...last I heard he was bowling?).
I was having fun piecing together a coherent post in the car on the long drive home am just brain-mushed, so this is all your getting.

Tomorrow morning I will wake refreshed and check my email...having just realised that blogger actually can send email notifications for all my posts, I can now reply to you all with much more ease....I am hoping this will appear to make me a much more polite and friendly blogger that loves you all that much more. (in reality I have always been - polite friendly and maximumly loving you all - but the running around finding email addresses was killing me)

See you tomorrow!

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