Wednesday, November 7, 2007

duck love...

These two buddies from next door come over to our house almost every day. I think they snack on the bugs in our yard or maybe the snails? (Do ducks eat snails?) They are a cute couple always waddling together the white duck slightly in front of the brown. He always checks over his shoulder on her progress and always warns her when we are coming. It is very sweet as he tries to stand his ground whilst he quacks away to get her moving but she will never go too far to leave him in trouble. It is heart warming...
(I can hear the ooh's and aah's now)

...however, the other morning there were strange noises, so we ventured outside only to find them...*ahem*

... "tackling" ?huh?
(I know, I know...that is all I could come up with at that hour of the morning without a coffee!!)

Regardless, I think the girl got the idea that something special was happening as it seems now that checking out the two sweet ducks that come to visit is no longer high on her agenda.

The response to...
"The ducks are in the yard. Do you want to go see?" is now immediately answered eagerly with another question.

"Yeah!...Are they tackling again!!"

(know that there were a few other post titles that I came up with before this one but decided it was best to keep it clean to try and stay out of those type of google searches!)

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