Monday, November 5, 2007

home moan

Remember this post about finding a new home.

Well we still have not settled and the contract expires on Wednesday. We have had little information about the vendor's progress but found out today that they have requested an extension. That will make it 9 months!

A very disappointing day.

I cannot begin to explain how frustrating, unsettling and difficult it is. We are living in the house, but we do not own it and cannot do anything with it. Worse still, if things do go pear shaped we may have to move with only 7 days notice.

Hopefully the extension is enough time to finalise everything once and for all.

(I might even begin to feel confident enough to finish unpacking and organising my craft room properly - perhaps then my crafty mojo would also return 100%!!)


arthur's circus said...

My lord, what a complete and utter nightmare for you. How do people get away with it, with no thought for the other people involved (such as yourselves).
All the best.

kirsty said...

That is so totally weird! I've never heard of anything like it. I'm sure it will happen eventually :/