Wednesday, September 19, 2007

O - (overdue)

No, I won't write out my list here.
I was referring to some tags that need returning before they are awfully...
  1. a "rockin' girl blogger" award from Est over at my cuppa charms (thanks so much!)
  2. a name meme from melanie at jelly bean angel
  3. I think I'd like to pick up this one too

    ...but there is no time this morning as I have to ice up another of these before we head off to playgroup.

cake vowels

The first one was a huge success. The girls name carved out of butter cake. Completely devoured in a flash (a first me - usually my decorated cakes look festive but are not so nice to eat)

So I am off to spread my kitchen with icing!!


samantha said...

that owl is cute and as for the cakes - yummo!

Anonymous said...

Hia don't worry you can make cakes so all is totally forgiven. Those look seriously scrummy! I love white with bright colours. One day I may become a proper grown up and appreciate the finer nuances of beige. :-)

meg said...

that cake is flippin' awesome. i'm gonna have to try that sometime!

Corrie said...

ohhhhh yumm! they look so delish I want to eat them all..


est said...

thanks for the card! i got it! :)
i've nominated you for nice matters award too :)

The Gift Giver said...

Thanks for the post! Freezing the cake before cutting makes so much sense---never would have thought of that! Keep rockin! -Cortney

Dawbis said...

hi! i have an extra paper packet :) please send me your address to btw, what is O/S?