Sunday, September 2, 2007

L - (lino, lurgy and ladybugs)

Whilst the going is good I am posting again. Apologies about this blog's erratic pace.

Working on colours. They just need a little more tweaking and I'm done

Well that hit town last night. Two down so far. I'm not feeling crash-hot but I'm dosing up hoping for the best.


Ordered these from here (got to update my sidebar soon). I know I seem to be doing the stealth giveaways at the moment. Expect them when you least expect them kinda deal.


I got a few...

to give to you...

Comments are good!
I'll pull names by Friday (If I get some - hopefully I am not as impatient as last time) and I will send them blank, so you might be able to use them if you'd like.

Thank you so much for your comment Melanie. It was helpful to read your post and find such similarities....I also blame the lack of sleep. Happy molasses/treacle wading!


li li said...

Am I the first this round?? Cute ladybug postcard! ^o^

MissMeshell said...

Ohhh so cute! =)

dorie said...

Like the linos!

blog at your own pace, no apologies needed.

I had to look up lurgy, even though I got the general idea. It's like to creeping crud or fungoo, I think.

est said...

i want!!! lol :) come to read at my blog coz awards are waiting for you ;)

Melanie said...

:) I'm glad you came over to read it - I know it always feels somewhat better to know you (we) are not alone in 'all this'. Good luck with that lurgy... we seem to be on a two-week sick-healthy cycle around here!

angelique said...

I love your sidebar design and the ladybugs are too cute. Lurgys i'm afraid are inevitable even here in our warm climate. Somebody gets better,somebody gets sick. Hope you have a good weekend.