Saturday, March 31, 2007

M.I.A - a two part post (2 of 2)

Even though I have been mentally absent of late I have managed to get a few crafty things done.

became these...

and with a touch of watercolour became a few of these.

I have put a couple up on etsy (amazing I managed to get that done!).
I have a few more in mind. I might end up with a little series. (??)
[knowing me that comment will be enough to jinx it. I should learn to always make sure I do it before I talk about it or I will be over it before it even gets begun]

Two other things I listed along with some vintage fabric

having lost my Saturday job (not really such a loss) I happened along a very local, Monday morning design job and am now re-familiarising myself with Illustrator.

Even managed to teach myself how to tile images.

(do you like my tortoises?)


leesa said...

Love the lino cut - gorgeous! and the tortoises - cute! Also love the story on hubby j, enjoy that little person before she gets big, mine is growing up too quick, right before my eyes.

Nic Hohn said...

WOW! Amazing ideas and beautiful pattern designs! I've just discovered your blog....what a delight!

shelley davis said...

I just happened on to your blog. Your blog presentation is wonderful and I am in love with your art. You are very talented.

Shula said...

Oh yes.

Very much.

Kate said...

Fabulous lino cut! And love the turtles - wonderful!

Anonymous said...

the lino print is so so so wonderful I love it! brilliant, it's good to catch up on your posts I have been a bit out of touch lately

est said...

i like your tortoises design!!!

p/s i've put your link in my new blog. hope that's fine with you :)