Friday, December 22, 2006

what can I say?

Obviously I grow very comfy homes for babies as there is still no sign of mine deciding to vacate.

I am a bit bored with my baby talk and advent pics by now (you must be too?)...and trying to find other things to post about.

However, it has been funny with all three girls getting a tree. We have all been laughing quite hard at some of the funny gifts my mum popped in those presents (the supa glue/veggie peeler was the funniest though!). The girl has kept up her enthusiasm throughout the month always on the search for lollies (I will definately have to make her something similar next year)

What else?

I have an interview up over here that I have been meaning to blog about. I notice I am in good company as well.

Drawing these at the moment...keeping my anxious hands occupied


meg said...

love your gift tags! waiting to hear some happy news - soon i hope!

li li said...

Love your gift tags too! :D

Nichola said...

Great tags btw.

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Awesome tags!

weirdbunny said...

Love your gift tags, so cool!!!