Sunday, December 24, 2006

we went into labour...

Not quite the way we were expecting!
Hubby-j worked tirelessly all day yesterday and well into the night but the only thing he managed to extract was my dodgy failing hard-drive. He also managed to get everything out of it but we are still short a little photo software...but it sure is speedy! aborted crappy hard-drive.

You thought I meant something else? gotta be kidding!

I think this baby has decided that the best tactic at creating some attention for itself (being the second child) is to stay put. We have regular phone calls throughout the day with people asking "is anything happening?" My mum has been receiving calls from friends who are upset and sure they have been left out of the loop. Even my dad has all his stamping buddies (who have never been big baby buffs let me tell you) ringing him with phone trees that he has to start when...well...something starts.

It is kind of funny!

Baby must have a cute sense of humour...I keep saying that people will know when this one is coming...there is much interest.

My own concern now is that my doctor goes on "a few days holiday sometime between christmas and new years" !!! (even though I specifically asked him this question at my very first appointment and he said he would be around). I might not even have my own Doctor at the delivery! Exactly the same thing happened last time!
(really, miss/mr mini pyg you did not have to take a leaf out of your sister's book).

The only consolation is I will probably get the same fill in doctor that I had last time...dear, oh dear...I won't go into the gory details...but...not quite the reunion I had in mind!


leesa said...

Yep...fell for it, hook line and sinker! Nevermind, I'm sure we will hear soon enough. Have a great christmas, hopefully not in the labour ward!

Rachael Herbert said...

You fooled me too, I keep checking for any!

Merry Christmas!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Well you had me! I just knew you were announcing a Christmas baby!