Tuesday, December 12, 2006

nervous...but trying not to think about it!

I am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything but the position of the baby. When I think it is in the right spot then I don't want to move for fear of it giggling around again.

I have another Doctor's appointment today and I am extremely nervous about what he will say about the presentation and what he thinks should be done about it. I really don't want to be ECV'd and ARM'd as I believe it will take me down an increasingly narrow path of intervention that will more than likely increase the chances of an emergency C-section (something I am wanting to avoid at all costs - except one)

Thinking about it is making me feel sick...

* * * * * *
Something more pleasant...

...more postcards from nikkishell's swap

I have no idea as not a single name or clue was given as to the person who sent this...nice card though!

Also chrissy decos are now up.

Mum was handing out some of her hand-me-down decorations.
Got some cute stuff...

...and this came in the mail from Kirsty over at two lime leaves -


Wish me luck and best baby engaging wishes for today.


Kate said...

I hope you get good news today and it is in the perfect positions so you can relax and enjoy.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Prayers going up and fingers crossed for you and this little one.

kirsten said...

happy thoughts, happy thoughts!
fingers and toes crossed!

leesa said...

I hope your little one decided to co-operate and all went well with the doctors appointment. Blake was headed so far north they had to use the salad servers to get him out! My c-section was a piece of cake the second time round, but fingers crossed you don't have to go there.

Sally said...

Best of luck and best baby engaging positions! I'll keep everything crossed, so you can get yourself ready to have the baby - as naturally and safely as possible.