Wednesday, December 13, 2006



Sally said...

They're really cute. Are they salad servers?

Kirsty said...

That "NO WAY" story was Hilarious to read But would not have been funny to live at 39 weeks!! What would have really topped it would to have locked yourself out the house. Love to see you try to get though the window LOL!!
I'll say good luck with the birth now, seeing it could be any time, hoping for a text book one for you.
I will be checking all the time to see.
Your Mum is so cool with her Advent gifts!!

Rachael Herbert said...

Hope your day is going smoother than yesterday. I was getting stressed just reading about it! Really lovely advent you have there!!

Jhoanna said...

These are just gorgeous! I do hope the rest of your week is problem-free and I hope you and the little bubs are well.

Shell said...

Sweet little gifty!

I just read your post from yesterday - oh gawd! What a nightmare! I laughed when I got to the bit about your dad, hehehe. Sorry, I couldn't help it. But I hope today is going a whole lot better!