Friday, December 1, 2006



Linda said...

hi Dani, I had been reading your blog this morning (while working on mine) and went back to mine and you had left a comment....that's a bit spinny!!!! I just wanted to say my youngest daughter did a very similar thing at kinder and I would walk away with tears in my eyes feeling like the perfect bitch doing this to my child, but they assured me once I had gone she was fine, and when I came to pick her up sometimes she wouldn't want to leave!!! It all worked out in time, it was just a huge adjustment for both of us. I love the photo of the chocolate freckle!!

Snowbear said...

I was sitting here for the longest time puzzled--is it December first today???!
Can't be!
Then I remembered you're an Australian gal.
Happy 1st Day of advent! Looks super yummy!