Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am so tired today.

The girl is having a well-earned nap and I did allow myself one hour next to her but that was probably a mistake as I now feel like I am in the twilight zone (last resort coffee is in hand however). I have been noticing in the last couple of days that my energy levels have been dwindling in the afternoon. Preggy naps look like they are headed my way on a regular basis (Now if I can just get the girl to agree with me on that issue everyday...Can I hear you laughing?)

I have had a list of jobs to get done and a pretty busy week this week as it is the girls 3rd birthday tomorrow. As always, it all happens simultaneously.

  • We are currently trying to work out an annoying worker's comp insurance mistake that somehow the lovely government department of Workcover (read: red tape and bureaucracy) has accidentally got us in.
  • We are trying to find a kindy placement (read: driving, looking, talking and waiting list oggling) for Miss 3 next year (i.e. 2 years before school starts) and have found that many places do not believe she will be worked through the waiting lists till maybe half way through her first year of school at the earliest.
  • I have two cakes and a BBQ party to cook and plan for. Actually flower cupcakes for tomorrow and cake and BBQ for a 12+ person, Sunday party out of Sydney (read: everything including the kitchen sink to be supplied by me...sounded like such a good idea at the time!)

The crafting front has been a little more successful:

  • I lost 3 of these in the firing process the other day (you have to keep reading for the success bit)

I managed to saved the ceramic but I will have to re-do the image. However, I was so happy with the end result of the others

that I have ordered some more basics so I can get going on some more designs.

These should be up at etsy by tomorrow (along with these and these...If anyone wants to claim a set now just email me (pyglet @ gmail dot com) as there is currently only one set of each design

  • I think I have sorted the varnish issue out here aswell.

Matt spray varnish seemed to work OK. I am also going to try fixative and gloss varnish but I have to paint up a few more first.

My Mum has said she wants some as decorative drawer handles for a white set of drawers she currently has in her bedroom. It was nice that she was quite excited about them.

I have also purchased some flat picture hangers that look like they are going to work out nicely aswell. Maybe an installation of many might look good? (Only one small problem...I now need a wall in a house of my own!)

  • These beautiful buttons have also been featured in my life this week.

I absolutely love them! They are in such pretty colours and really excellent quality for vintage covered buttons. I just have too many (As usual, I just couldn't leave any behind in the thrift store!) I finally got around to figuring out some pretty packaging for some of them and...yes!...I have listed them in the shop also (I think I am addicted to etsy listing!)

My coffee cup is empty so I am now off to tidy the bombshelled house (a common description for my house I am afraid) and then I'll be ready to cook a couple of dozen cupcakes and rustle something edible up for dinner...

Oh joy!


dopeattic said...

wow you're a busy little bee! i'm amazed by your work, i've still got your lovely little postcard on my fridge, a fav for sure! i surely hope your napping wishes come true!

myra said...

My gosh, so much crafting goodness! I'm wild about your ceramics!! Wonderful works.

hannah said...

love your tile designs, really cool and pretty, and I love the coloured ones best!