Thursday, March 23, 2006

just having fun

I have started carrying my camera with me when I am out. I have begun to see images, scenes and what-nots when I am out that I would like to keep or collect and I seemed to always be thinking..."I wish I had my camera...."

Having my SLR with me was a regular occurrance when I was at college. Snapping this and that for assignments or at the very least inspirations for those assignments. You see colour and form in everything once you get going.

So I had my camera with me yesterday at my sis's work.

My favourite for the day...

and some others.

* * * * * * *

I also have a "thing" about lost and discarded shoes. They just seem to catch my eye driving down the road. My favourites are the single shoes that have lost their mates. They seem so personified to me. I always wonder about their stories. Their owners, where their pairs are and what happened to seperate them. Single shoes are usually so useless (not always mind you). It just seems so sad...lost, dirty, shoes on the side of the road.

The shoes below are of a different species, being strung up on the overhead wires. So helpless and unretrievable, hanging precariously as they do. I suspect a much more violent history here.

I thought I'd brighten these up a little. I really like them at the moment

more photos here (as blogger is giving me grief!)


mandy said...

Really brill photo's! I feel the same about lost shoes and always make up tales of how they became lost. I remember seeing an article in a mag about a book full of photos of lost shoes!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

great photos! I have a fascination with clotheslines, because they just aren't very common here. There are some neighborhoods in LA where there are tons of shoes hanging like this. It's so funny!

leesa said...

Great photos! I like the colours of the tea towels. I have been trying to send you an email via my blog and reply to a previous email you sent me, but they keep coming back 'return to sender'? I wanted to know if you had anymore chickens left and how much they are?, 2 friends have seen mine and now they want one!

Green Kitchen said...

Are the tea towels at your sisters work? What great colors and the pins, too.