Friday, January 27, 2006

postcard swap

So I've finished my postcards and they have been sent.

I liked them but they had some last minute competition as usual (I can never make up my mind). These are the two that came head to head.

I had to decide on the lower one just on time alone. I think I prefer the coloured one now. Oh well.

I was working around some challenges, other than time though: technical (without colour printer and scanner) and personal (I am a big grub and was having trouble keeping the actual cards clean and free of inky finger prints) and I am sorry, but I broke the rules too and could not resist the corny typo.

Here is the back for addressing.

I tried to do a hand-carved stamp as I have seen here, here and here (I saw some cute ones done from an eraser but I can't find the link now - EDIT - found it!). These ladies make it look so easy. I cut rubber stamps like a bad golfer...divots everywhere. (maybe it is just the shakes from my bad caffeine addiction.)

Regardless, it was great fun and now I am waiting to get ten lovely surprises in my mail box. Thanks Myra for all your work and organisation.


Ivy said...

I like your card :)
stamp cutting just takes some practice with the tools. You'll get better if you keep going.

Connie and Rob said...

Sounds like fun. Your card turned out really great!


mandy said...

your postcards are cool! Wish I was playing the swap game, hey ho!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kewl mine today...J in Brisbane :-)

mary said...

I received my postcard today - great work with the gocco! thank you so much. Yappy New Year to you too!