Sunday, January 1, 2006

flip'n hot!

5:30 - the girl decided to wake up early.
(she was probably just too hot (30oC all night). The colour in her sheets had run from her sweating overnight)
7:30 - I only just began to get my wits about me after 3 strong coffees.
8:30 - hubby-j woke up so I decided to get the other half of my nights sleep.
10:30 - pancakes for brekky as the day begins to heat up even more.
11:00 - deliberate about what exactly we could do in scorching sun and heat, with no shopping centres open for new year's day (i.e. air-con) and two year old in tow.
11:30 - indoor public pool chosen.
1:00 - it just took me that long to fight through the sweat and stickiness to get out the door.
1:15 - huge huge cues, out in the sun, waiting to get into the pool
(at a cost of $15 for adults!?)
1:30 - two large outdoor fountains worked just as well.
(we weren't the only ones!)
2:30 - home to sleep. (about the only thing you can do in 45oC heat)
4:00 - waiting for the forecast change
5:00 - waiting for the forecast change
6:00 - ice cold baths for everyone
7:00 - still waiting for the forecast change
8:00 - I think the weather guys got it wrong.
9:00 - (m...e...l...t..i..n...g..)
10:00 - COOL CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!! (I wonder if I could take all my clothes off and stand outside?)



Ana Malha said...

Happy new year!!!

Connie and Rob said...

Oh my heavens it is hot!!! You are making me feel your pain. I would be taking the ice cold baths on the hour. How about clothes in the refrigerator before you put them on...just a thought.

Think of snowmen, icecream and ice cold lemonaide to cool your spirit.

Take care, Connie

sarah said...

happy new year pyglet!!!

mandy said...

Sounds like it's been quite warm there!!! Love the pressies you made, gorgeous flower images, and the tags yummo!! Happy NY to you!!

jackie said...

Thanks for the nice comment. That sort of heat is just unbearable.

twobears said...

Wasn't it hell?? That cool change was so sweet. Love your chickens!