Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have been busy! Doing what? I don't really know! I think I might have been tidying for most of it. I hate housework and tidying. It takes me ages. Drives me batty. I leave some things until they are so disorganised that I cannot possibly do anything with them and literally cannot tell you where things are. Then I am forced to tidy them up. If it didn't get out of control I would never tidy it up...but...if I never let it get out of control then it would never need to be tidied.

Am I making sense?

I think I am almost finished. I am at that really annoying phase of the operation where I am left with all the things that do not really have a sensible home or they are too good to be stored in my damp storage area and so get stored under my table. I do believe it is getting better though as this area used to be my office. Full of profit and loss reports, balance sheets, research textbooks and the like. I much prefer this colourful look.

You might think I should've taken a before shot? I decided not to as I feared I might have looked a bit like these poor people (I am just kidding...right? However it is a silent fear of mine - hoarder's guilt?)

Yesterday I was quite please with my progress so decided I might just add some more stuff. Photos here.

Support group for my particular affliction here.


Connie and Rob said...

Well I think you did a fine job. Believe me I know how things can get out of control. I have been making pillows and every time I visit the fabric store I find just one more fabulous print I have to have! They can pile up very quickly. There are such valuable treasures.

Take care. Connie

Susan said...

I love this! I thought that I was a magpie, but you take the cake! I've got to show this photo to my other half so that he knows that I am only just getting started. Tee! Hee!