Thursday, November 17, 2005

clear aim.

I have been meaning to do some of my design-drawings in a more formal way. Perhaps ready for print. Maybe postcards or notecards? I have thought about screen prints or lino cuts but that might be too much work or more accurately, just too difficult.

As you can see I have a such a clear concept of what I am aiming for. Anyway here is my first one.

Here are some others I have in one of my sketchbooks. I wouldn't mind getting that middle one onto board soon aswell.


Connie and Rob said...

They are absolutely beautiful. These are better than what we have here to purchase for notecards and such. You have a real talent. I love seeing your work.

Rachael said...

I'd buy notecards for sure! Do it, go on! They are beautiful designs, well done, oh you should so do the notecard thing.......