Thursday, October 20, 2005

which witch?

There's a witch drawing competition over at Penelope Illustration and hubby-j is away training for his new job. There would not ordinarily be a strong link between these two events but last night as per usual in hubby-j's absence I wasn't sleeping and I saw this. I just missed out on back-tack II (no blog at the time) and have not yet had any oppurtunities to be a part of any swaps or such. I thought I'd get here it is

(apologize for poor quality, taken on my camera)

I'm not so sure. Never am with any stuff I do. I'm not sure that I am not just sick of looking at it (lacking sleep facing another day at work probably doesn't help either). I am never confidant with the choices I make with any artwork. There's always so many things you could do with one pic. Anyway...

Now I have to figure out how to make it 420 X 420 pixels?... (crap!)

Check out all the illustrations. They are all so good!
Which witch is you're favourite?


nichola said...

That is one great witch! I like the swirly background.

Liesl said...

She's cute in a witchy sort of way. I love the textures you've added to the hat and background.

Rachael said...

Hey Pyglet! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I emailed that link for a catologue of their stuff. I think I read about it on LoobyLu ages ago too...
I love your witchypoo. Good luck with the pixel thingy, it's beyond me!
Nice blog BTW