Thursday, October 13, 2005

a craft blog?

Another week has past and I haven't put together or finished any art or craft projects. (Perhaps this will become a blog about NOT getting any crafting done AT ALL. That would be new, but not very interesting , I suspect.) The problem is I keep going out and spending money. I have lists of places to go and visit. Second hand stores, japanese book stores, warehouse fabric stores not to mention auctions and garage sales! I think I just enjoy the bargain hunting (and spending money).

There seems to be some kind of stagnation that occurs for me in between buying the fabric, buttons, paper or...whatever and making it into something. I find the drawing and planning stage goes OK and I enjoy that but the actual cutting out, assembly and finishing touch stages are three GIANT hurdles. I have many projects that are in hiatus, unable to get over one or more of those walls. Yet..I go out again and get more. It's an illness. I'm sure of it. My apartment is full of fabric and other junk (good junk, of course!). All very good stuff waiting for the right project. People say I just need more time. I am sure you will be chorusing "Don't we all!" Everyone out there is busy but I notice that many of you are prolific finishers. Now that is an illness I'd like to catch!

Aahhh are some of the things I got yesterday.

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Shell said...

Ha! Seriously, I know what you mean. I start so many things and have half projects lying around because I got bored of them or had a brain wave about something else half way through. And every brain wave needs new crafty stuff to see it come into fruition.

I think the only way to get over the hurdle is to just jump right over it. I do that every now and then, but more often than not I stop right in front of it and veer to the left. You're not alone. =)