Saturday, March 24, 2018

See the Beauty - Mixed Media Art Journal Page - Catchy Crafts Creative Team

See the Beauty - Mixed Media Art Journal Page

By Creative Team Member - Dani Choate



- Start with blank double page. You will be working lengthwise within the book.
- Spray and splat Cadence Mixed Media Ink randomly over the page

- Once dry, tape the Cadence heart stencil (MA21) so that the bottom edge will not be even
- Stencil down the middle of the journal page using Cadence Style Matt relief paste in light mint green

- Die cut - 3x leafy branch die (in black)
                   - 2x leaf die (in black)
                   - 1x honeycomb frame die (in orange)
                   - 1x honeycomb frame die (in lemon)
                   - 2x Lawn Cuts 'i love you' die (in black)
                   - 1x bird on a branch (in black)
- Fussy cut a number of flower clusters out of the Vicki Boutin paper and some extra leaves
- Arrange the flowers from the paper and pop-up some with dimensional tape and attach down to the page
- Slide black leaves and fronds underneath and around the flowers
- Cut small sections of honeycomb frame in orange and yellow and add these underneath as well, stepping each colour three times around the cluster

- Add the wood veneer title, along with the 'Petite Diction' phrase line running along the bottom line of the title
- Sit and glue one single black bird on the top side of the phrase line

- Attach a few random colours of Little Birdie small florette flowers
- Use one 'i love you' die cut and remove the end wave from it. Use it to lengthen the other 'i love you' die cut - this will be what your hanging birdcage will be attached to 

- Lightly glue the long 'i love you' die to the birdcage and glue the birdcage onto the right hand page - As we are working lengthwise this will actually be the bottom page
- Use a teardrop (or any single row linear stencil) to add mint green Diamond Paste teardrops falling from the flower cluster
- Use Cadence coloured pearls to represent strings of beads falling from the bushes - also add some dots at the top of the page

- Attach rhinestones similarly alongside these other elements
- Make sure raindrops, beads and rhinestones are staggered in length
- Stuff a tangled nest of pink thread under the bottom edge of the entire cluster

- Add rhinestones to the birdcage, the 'i' in the 'i love you' die element & on the 'i' in the title
- Finally hand write the quote that ties all the elements together

" I don'task for the meaning of the song of a bird
or the rising of the sun on a misty morning.
There they are, and they are beautiful"
                                                -Pete Hamill

Monday, January 23, 2017

more daily drawings

Jan 13 & 14 Jan 15 &18Jan 16 &17 (using a Robert Sabuda tutorial)

Inspiration Wednesday - Donna Downey

This is one of my other projects for 2017...
INSPIRATION WEDNESDAY - I love this class !! ...and have watched these videos for the last 2 years - but never done the pages (bad, bad sign-up addict!!) The only work I had done was to make the actual journal (it seemed amazing to me that I had actually done it... and that seemed enough effort for the  entire year!!)... but...
...this is the last year Donna is doing IW... :( !! (insert sadness). So my effort is renewed, so I can have a complete journal by the end of the year.
Week 1:

Friday, January 13, 2017

4 more days - #drawriotdaily

Four more days to show... yay!
...having fun... but I got to move on to some bigger projects soon... as well as getting back to making some money 

(always the killer!! 😣)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Plant... and a random fish?

I was working on the back of the butterfly from January 6th's page and began doodling. I had no prompt in mind as, so far I have been full of ideas - a usual occurance for early Jan.
Next Jan 8 started with some birthday confetti lying around from lil-z's birthday and was a little affected by the same butterfly in that I wanted the map to show through clearly behind the butterfly page. It was all going well until I wondered what she might be able to hold in front of her dress. I like my characters to do something with their hands...hold something...represent something.  Often I use a heart, or bird... something relatively inoffensive. I wanted something different this time, so headed to the prompt for Jan 8 ...
FISH - ?!?!

Well... why shouldn't she hold a fish??

Jan 7 & 8

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Two always better than one - #drawriotdaily #minimoleydaily

Whilst I anxiously await my large monthly moleskine journal...(for all those weekly and monthly challenges that I want to be a part of this year)...
...and await a recent order from the newly opened LuluArt ...
...AND... await my box of new JANE goodies.... (!!!!!) mini art journaling has now morphed into two challenges. The original, that I found on Instagram, with Tori Weyers - @drawriot and a couple of days ago I  found a facebook group - MiniMoleyDaily - which is a promptless mini moleskine group with Effy Wild. So... I am now posting these pages in both places. You should join us! ... at either location... and start being creative...
Such a small scale should be pretty easy to manage.

So here is my: 
Jan 5 & 6

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 - project #1

Yup!... probably bitten off more than I can chew... multiple prompt projects and video classes for this year.  Hoping to have a constant source of inspo at any and every moment throughout the year... and that this will bring about a consistent flow of arty goodness from my fingertips...

Project #1 - #drawriotdaily
A daily page in a miniature moleskine. The aim for me is to make it super chubby by the end of the year. I will be posting on instagram every second day so a double page spread can be seen. Keep an eye out for mine over there - @pygletwhispers
and check out #drawriotdaily and the daily prompts here - @drawriot

Jan 1 & Jan 2

Monday, January 2, 2017

New beginnings we go 2017!!  (deep breath)

What might you have in store for me this year? Sometimes it would be nice to have a crystal ball... changes? opportunities? fun?
Let us hope for onward and upward.
I tell my girls that it is important for them to create something, build something or produce something... (usually in relation to consuming too much media content ) but I think it applies across the board...
so ...
this is my plan for 2017.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Art journal withdrawals..

Been such a long time between pages...

I have been busy beginning a new business, opening a vintage stall in the city. All much funs  - but it has left me temporarily with less time to art and I am missing it...ALOT!!
The store is now up and basically stocked... (even with a little art) but now I need to get back to the journal!!

Here's my last spread...she looks a little melancholy at being left alone with her wattle