Monday, January 9, 2017

Plant... and a random fish?

I was working on the back of the butterfly from January 6th's page and began doodling. I had no prompt in mind as, so far I have been full of ideas - a usual occurance for early Jan.
Next Jan 8 started with some birthday confetti lying around from lil-z's birthday and was a little affected by the same butterfly in that I wanted the map to show through clearly behind the butterfly page. It was all going well until I wondered what she might be able to hold in front of her dress. I like my characters to do something with their hands...hold something...represent something.  Often I use a heart, or bird... something relatively inoffensive. I wanted something different this time, so headed to the prompt for Jan 8 ...
FISH - ?!?!

Well... why shouldn't she hold a fish??

Jan 7 & 8

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